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Made in America: The Pennello Brush

An Erie woman truly knows the meaning of finding the American dream.
She’s been a hair stylist for most of her life and came up with a special comb/brush combination that could soon be in salons around the world.
And the best part is, it’s made in America, made right here.

Francesca DiSanti, inventor of Pennello Brush, said: “It’s got the flexibility of a comb, but the performance of a brush.”

Francesca DiSanti has been a hair stylist for the past 39 years, and 4 years ago she began thinking of a tool that would encompass a lot of different things.

Francesca, “That would comb hair out wet, no stress on it. You can use it as a finishing comb and I didn’t have anything similar to that.”

So fran, on the advice of Kathy Dahlkemper, went to Penn State Behrend and worked with senior plastics engineers and came up with the design she calls DiSanti ah Pennello.

Francesca, “You can use it for back combing, combing out curls, men can use it to allow hair in its natural fall.”

And for the kids?

Francesca, “Because it will not tear, it will go through tangles very gently and won’t make them cry.”

And DiSanti says her a Pennello Brush is made locally right from the start.

Jason Anderson, Anderson Plastics, said: “Because it keeps our people working, it raises children, knowing we need to keep this local.”

The mold is made in Northeast and all the printing is done locally.
The brush is made in Girard, at Anderson Plastics.
When it’s made here, a lot of people benefit.

Jason, “For us at Anderson Plastics it’s very important. It supports our family, it’s supporting friends, supports our community.”

DiSanti’s brush is only sold in salons in the area.
Angelo’s Salon Development Group is in charge of distribution.

Angela Fatica, Angelo Salon Development Group, said: “To see someone like Fran behind the chair, to take this dream and keep it made in America is really awesome.”

Chris Fatica, Angelo Salon Development Group, said: “Just the fact it’s made here and efforts by Fran to make an idea come true is very exciting to us.”

Made in America!

Made in America!

Made in America!

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