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Stylist invents one brush that does it all

By Kayla Noonan, HerTimes

February 7, 2016 12:15 AM

Stylist invents one Brush that does it all, Fran DiSanti, pennello

Most hairdressers (and consumers) have a collection of brushes, and some have never even seen a strand of hair. This is what happened to Francesca DiSanti when she opened her stylist’s drawer and realized she wanted just one brush to use from start to finish when styling.

DiSanti is a professional hairstylist at Salon Verde and the inventor/creator of the Pennello brush. The Pennello brush by Santi is a multicultural, nongender-specific brush with many versatile functions — allowing you to purge your brush drawer.

What it does

This must-have brush can start you out in the shower when you use it to comb your conditioner through. After the shower, it’s the perfect shampoo comb that can be used with the blow dryer to create volume. After the hair is dry, you can use the Pennello to backcomb/tease and smooth the hair for a finished look — all with one tool.

How it works

The teeth or bristles are at a precise angle, and the back has the perfect curve that allows the hair to stay in a straight line when combing. This prevents tugging and breakage, keeping the hair intact. Other brushes can damage hair and result in unnecessary hair loss.

Why we love it

Here at the Erie County Technical School, we have started supplying each student’s kit with the Pennello. The brush is multifunctional, and clients say it feels great on their scalp when students are combing out their hair. Additionally, it’s a tool for any length and texture of hair, great for both genders and all ethnicities. Men with beards have found it extremely useful in their beard maintenance routine as well. We love this brush for all its capabilities, but also because it was created right here in Erie. Its inventor has committed to keeping this brush manufactured in Girard. The Pennello is also easy to clean and is dishwasher safe.

Can you buy one?

The brush retails for $25 and has a lifetime warranty. It comes in two colors, bronze and pewter. Visit or DiSanti’s Facebook page to get more information on the Pennello and request colors. Don’t be surprised when you start seeing them around the globe, because DiSanti has plans to take it to Italy and Canada. Lucky for Erie residents there are plenty of salons using and selling the Pennello. HT

Where to buy it

A & K Salon, A Cut In Time, A Step Ahead, Accents Hair Studio, Aimesara’s Styling Salon, Be Styled Hair, Studio, Becky King, Brenda’s Salon, Carol Weber, Charisma Salon, Cheri Schiffer’s, Chris Fatica, Denise @ Studio Three Downtown, Empyrean Day Spa & Salon Inc., Envisions Studio Of Hair Design, Erie County Technical School Cosmetology Lab, Erica Osborne Trapp @ Polished H/D, Expressions Hairstyles, Hair Designs By Cindy Anderson, Happy Valley Hair, Innovations By Mary Frontera, J & B House Of Hair, Lesa’s House Of Style, Mirror Image Salon, On The Avenue, Park Ave Styles, Razors Edge Hair Studio, Salon Verde, Sandcille’s, Sassafras Street Hair Co., Shear Delight, Studio Hue, Studio Sao, Studio Zef, Styles By Linda Clark, Susan’s Beauty Parlor, Tamara’s Styles On, Highland, The Classic Look, Tl Cutters, Touch Of Tranquillity Salon & Day Spa, Tress Passings Salon, Upper Cuts By Carol, Valor Holistic Salon, Vi Powell


Kayla Noonan is a teacher at the Erie County Technical School, and she has been a manager at local hair salons.

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Senior Project Molds Hairdresser Into Entrepreneur

Francesa DiSanti has been styling hair for nearly forty years.  For thirty of them, she has been lamenting the loss of a special tool – a flexible plastic brush/comb combo-that made unsnarling curly or tangle hair easy and painless.  DiSanti lost the tool early in her career and was never able to find another like it.

She mentioned her dilemma to a client who suggested that DiSanti make her own tool.  “I laughed and said, ‘Me? How would I ever do that?’” she said.

The client, Kathy Dahlkemper, Erie’s county executive and a former U.S. Congresswoman, told DiSanti she should call Penn State Behrend’s School of Engineering for help.

The next day, DiSanti mentioned to a friend what Dahlkemper had suggested.  The friend knew a Behrend engineering professor, who in turn put DiSanti in contact with Jason Williams, a lecturer in engineering.  Williams thought DiSanti’s tool would make a good senior capstone project and included it on a list of thirty assignments that students could pick from at the start of the next academic year.

“The brush was my first choice because I was very interested in making new products,” said Chad McDonough, then an upper-level Plastics Engineering Technology student.  “I found the whole process of turning a simple idea into a real product exciting.”

McDonough jumped in, interviewing local hair stylists and compiling a list of their needs that fit the outline of DiSanti’s old brush.

From the moment DiSanti met McDonough, she was impressed.  “He was truly interested in my idea, and he asked great questions,” she said. “He was very enthusiastic.”

McDonough worked on the tool over three semesters, spending nearly 400 hours fine-tuning the design, experimenting with various handles, testing bristles, and creating C.A.D. drawings and 3-D models.

“I did a little extra work with the tooling because I figured if it was easy to get tooling made, the brush has a better chance of actually being manufactured,” he said.  “The final model was sent to mold builders and plastics production companies.  With each price and method of production, a customer package was put together that gave DiSanti molding cost, production cost, and unit cost,” McDonough said.

By the end of the academic year, DiSanti held her dream in her hand- the “Santi a pennello” brush. “Santi” is a nod to her surname and “a pennello” is Italian for “fits like a glove.”

DiSanti sought Erie-area companies to manufacture the tool, choosing a mold maker in North East and a manufacturer in Girard.  It was important to her that the tool be as American-made as possible.

She has received nothing but positive feedback. “I’ve had people ask, ‘What’s so special about it?’ Then they try it and they understand,” she said.

The Santi a pennello brush, $25, is sold at various salons in the Erie area, but DiSanti hopes soon to distribute the brush through salons in California and Florida.  She has sold about 500 brushes so far.

It’s expensive when compared to brushes you can buy at the big box stores, but you can’t buy this tool there, and there is nothing else like it,” DiSanti said.  “I know. I looked for thirty years.”

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