It is not a brush nor is it a comb. It’s a hybrid.
It combines the best of two tools into one.

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Pennello in Colors
Pennello in Colors
' Pennello' (Santi Brush) comes in a variety of colors. (Shipping added at checkout)
Color :

Choose your Pennello Brush in your favority color.

Pennello Brush also still comes in their Original Colors of Pewter and Bronze

Original Pennello Brush
Original Pennello Brush
' Pennello' (Santi Brush) comes in either Bronze or Pewter. (Shipping added at checkout)
Color :


We designed the handle with the user in mind as it is ergonomically correct so not to cause pain or tension to the user’s wrists. The back of the brush is curved allowing hair to flow through. The teeth or bristles are like fingers extending from the brush that will rake through the hair. With this design, no tension will be applied to the hair. ‘Pennello’ also known as the Santi Brush.

Pennello Brush for all kinds of hair.

Pennello is specifically designed to work with all types of hair, including:

• wet or dry hair
• fragile hair
• dense, coarse or curly hair
• multicultural hair

Pennello is an essential tool for hairstylists because it will can be used to perfectly:

• comb conditioner through newly washed hair
• glide through the hair so not to pull, tug, break or tangle
• comb color through allowing it to penetrate evenly
• assist with power drying long hair
• style short hair
• back-comb hair; it does so without tearing the hair which makes smoothing out your set much easier.
• rake through curled hair, allowing it to look very natural.

Pennello is not just a tool for women or hair stylists either. Men and children will enjoy it because:

• For men, it rakes through their hair allowing it to flow in its natural growth pattern. It makes their hair fall naturally so not to looked coiffed.
• For children, because when combing their hair, it will not rip or tear causing them discomfort, hair time can be fun time!

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