Say hello to the first valuable styling tool you’ve ever used, and the last you’ll ever buy.

Pennello is different. It is a product that not only does what it says, but stands for ethical manufacturing and is made right here in the USA. (backlinks to about page, testimonials, press) A hybrid styling tool as unique as the Pennello will set your work apart from those who use traditional brushes and combs. By combining the best of both tools, Pennello is a perfect addition to your station, retail line, handbag or bedside table. Salon stylists and consumers need a tool that is versatile and will last the test of time. Since the Pennello is structured for a number of different hair types, it will sell to a plethora of demographics, from salon owner to hair enthusiast. This colorful and compact tool will make a beautiful and positive difference!

  • Designed by a stylist for stylists, but great for the everyday user
  • The tool to give hair a natural look
  • Patent pending design and ‘fits like a glove’ in the stylist’s hand
  • Great on long, short, thick, fine, & curly hair
  • Great for men’s hair and long beards
  • Great for styling, backcombing, & updos

Are you crushing on this brush?

If you’re interested in adding this one-of-a-kind hybrid styling tool to your in-store product line, complete the application below and a Pennello representative will help get you started.

I will be able to send you a discount code you can use when placing your orders. Thank you!

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